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Why Apply Online

1) Convenience.

Submit your CPF statement using the Internet and have bank staff call you to confirm the application. Once application has been verified, you will be be able to collect your card from a preferred location. No more long queues to worry about!


2) Enjoy savings and discounts.

Apply for some of the most rewarding cards in town and enjoy special discounts when you spend in shops and restaurants. Some credit cards even provide up to 10% rebates! Rebates are credited to your credit card account and can be spent as cash.


3) Apply for multiple cards at one go.

Different credit cards provide different benefits. You may wish to apply for more than one card. For example, if you go on business trips often, you may wish to apply for Citibank PremiereMiles Card. The more you travel, the more points you earn. If you like shopping, you can also apply for Citibank Rewards card. The more you shop, the more reward points you earn. Or you can apply for a Dividend credit card and get 5% rebate credited back to your account for every dollar charged.


4) Free gifts!

When you apply for multiple cards, you stand to receive attractive free gifts such as quality luggage bags.

Find out if you qualify – read the frequently asked questions.


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